How Can I Find Edible Delta 9?


Let’s start with the basics first. Do you know what Delta 9 is? It’s a strain of THC, obviously. Do you know anything about it other than that?

Delta 9 tetrahydrocannabinol is the main component that essentially makes marijuana, marijuana. It is the reason that it is what it is. Without Delta 9 is just wouldn’t be the same.

Why is this though? What makes Delta 9 so special? Everyone actually prefers and wants to have Delta 9, but do you know why? D9 is the only THC strain that contains all of the psychoactive traits. That’s why is so desired.

However, these sought after psychoactive traits that Delta 9 possesses, is also the exact grounds for why it’s illegal. Yes, illegal. D9 is the reason behind marijuana being illegal for the most part too.


Can Delta 9 Be Legal?

You might be thinking what do I mean, can D9 be legal? Especially since I just stated in the above that’s illegal. Hear me out though, there are a couple avenues to explore here.

Sure, there are a few states that legalized the use of medical marijuana, which is phenomenal. I’m glad that it’s potential is being recognized. A few states have even legalized the recreational use of marijuana. This is absolutely amazing.

Sadly, there are many states that have allowed this to happen. Even with the states that legalized medical marijuana, it’s still not easy to obtain. It’s still a long process to try being able to get. It’s not simple to get, not really.

Are there any other ways that Delta 9 could be legal for everyone though? Well, to explore this we need to talk about CBD for a moment.

CBD is made completely from the hemp flower, and not the cannabis flower. It’s actually all throughout the US, as a matter of fact. It’s pretty great, but it’s not Delta 9 for sure. It has NO psychoactive traits in it.

Actually, in order for CBD to be federally compliant it can only contain up to 0.3% of D9 THC on a dry weight basis. There was a Farm Bill put into place when the production of hemp products and CBD became legal. In order to be compliant with it, this is the rule.

I know what you’re thinking. 0.3% isn’t a lot. This has allowed for something pretty wonderful to happen though. If you know how to take this, and use it to your advantage, then you can make some magic happen. Delta 9 magic.

What am I meaning? Well, so long as it contains 0.3% of D9 on its dry weight basis, you can size it up, and actually be able to make Delta 9 edible gummies. It’s great.

This means that as long as Delta 9 is produced from the hemp flower, it’s actually be legal.


How Can I Find Edible Delta 9?

Now that you’re able to buy legal Delta 9, how can you find it? Don’t worry, it’s not like you have to go to any dark alleys, or the black market for it. That’s the great part about it being legal, and made from hemp.

This form of Delta 9 is able to be legally purchased everywhere that allows CBD to sold. This is fantastic news! CBD is legal all over the US. Most of the 50 states have it legalized.

Since you can get this in all of the states where CBD is legal, where can you find this at within your state? You can start small in your search at first. Some local gas stations and tobacco stores can have these Delta 9 edible gummies in stock.

They probably won’t have much of a selection to choose from at any local convenient stores near you that you might find it at. If you’re wanting a bigger selection of Delta 9 edible gummies you’re best option would be to find a store that specializes in selling only CBD type of products.

We live in the time where we like to do most of our shopping online. Yes, you can actually order these legal Delta 9 edible gummies online.

If you’re wanting a big variety to choose from, ordering online is your best choice. There are so many brands, flavors, doses, etc., that you can choose from while shopping online.


Make Sure You’re Buying Quality Delta 9

You have to make sure that you’re quality Delta 9 when you’re doing your shopping online. There are some tips that you can follow that will help make sure that you’re getting only the best.

  • Have you heard any of your friends, family, or etc., refer to a certain brand? If so, you can count on that one being worth whatever the price is. People don’t recommend bad products.
  • Know what you’re looking for when you start your search online. It will narrow your search down, and help you to find what you’re really wanting easier.
  • Check out the security of the website. You need to look for any red flags that could point towards the fact of it being a scam site. Do whatever you must to ensure that it’s not.
  • Most importantly, read what previous customers have said about the products. The reviews that they leave will tell you if the product is of great quality or not.


Some Great Edible Delta 9 Gummy Brands

I’ve done a little research myself. I have found that out of the ones I’ve tried so far, that I like these hemp produced Delta 9 gummies the most. They’re pretty amazing, and I know that there are many other great brands out there as well. I just haven’t been able to try them for myself yet.

  • Mr Hemp Flower
  • Hometown Hero
  • Extrax
  • Ouachita Farms
  • Exhale

These are just a few brands to put you on the right path for your search. What’s keeping you from making your order?

How To Find The Best Delta 9 Gummies