How To Find Great Delta 9 THC


What do you think of when you hear Delta 9 THC? Does your mind go straight to cannabis? It would make sense if it does, considering that Delta 9 is a major component in cannabis. Cannabis just wouldn’t be the same without the Delta 9 strain inside of it.

What is Delta 9? What makes this THC strain so desirable and special? Isn’t it just like the other strains of THC? I can tell you that it is indeed NOT like the other THC strains.

Delta 9 tetrahydrocannabinol is the full name for Delta 9, which is also known as D9. This THC strain is unlike any of the others. D9 is the only THC strain that contains the psychoactive traits. These psychoactive traits are why people flock to wanting it so much.

These psychoactive traits are what makes cannabis be as we know it. However, these very traits that Delta 9 possesses is the basis of why cannabis is illegal. Those traits are why D9 is illegal.


Delta 9 THC: Can It Be Legal?

Yes, I know what was said above. I coming bearing some positive news on this subject matter. I think you’ll be quite happy with it.

As you might already know, some states have actually legalized the use of medical cannabis. I am proud of the states that have done this, because they’re recognizing that potential that cannabis has.

A few states have legalized and approved the use of recreational cannabis, which is fantastic. Sadly, there are only a few states that have allowed for this to happen.

Getting medical cannabis isn’t as easy as you might would think that it would be. It’s a whole tiring process that you have to go through, to try getting approved for it. So, this isn’t what I wasn’t referring to when I said that Delta 9 can be legal.

We need to take a look at CBD for a minute, you’ll understand why in a bit. CBD is 100% made from the hemp plant. It contains NO psychoactive traits, whatsoever.

There was a Farm Bill that passed that allows for CBD to be legally produced. It states that for CBD to be able to legal, and Farm Bill compliant, then it can only contain up to 0.3% of D9 THC or less, on a dry weight basis.

That 0.3% on a dry weight basis is where things can be done, if you know how to do it. This allowed for a legal version of Delta 9 THC to be produced. Yes, that’s what I said. Delta 9 that’s been produced from the hemp plant is completely legal.


How Do I Know If It’s Legal In My State?

This legal version of Delta 9 is available to purchase everywhere that hemp products and CBD are legally sold at. The great news about this is that CBD is essentially all throughout the 50 states. It’s quite amazing, if I’m being honest.

If you’re not sure if it’s legal in your state, a quick, effortless internet search will give you the answer that you’re looking for.


Where Can I Find Hemp Produced Delta 9 Gummies At?

So long as CBD is legal in your state, then you can purchase this legal form of Delta 9 gummies. Where can you find it at though?

Great question, and the answer is pretty simple. You can actually find some legal, hemp produced Delta 9 gummies at your local gas stations and tobacco stores.

You might not have a big selection to choose from these stores that’s close by, and convenient. That’s okay, because if you’re wanting more variety you can just go to a store that ONLY sells hemp and CBD products. This will give you more options.

Maybe you’re unable to find any in any of the stores close to you. Do you still have any options left? The answer is definitely yes! You can actually order these delicious, great hemp produced D9 gummies online!

It’s super easy to order them online too. You will have a bigger variety to choose from. More flavors, doses, and etc., that you will be able to choose from when you’re online searching.


How Do I Know If The Delta 9 Is Of Good Quality?

When you buy your legal form of D9 gummies, you want to make sure you’re buying a great quality product and the strongest gummies if you are buying those. If you’re ordering online then it becomes hard to be sure if it’s a quality D9 gummy or not, because you’re not in store.

There are some tips, a little advice, that you can keep in mind when you’re ordering online. It will help to make sure that you’re only buying quality Delta 9 gummies, which is what you’re wanting to do.

  • If there’s any brands that people can’t stop talking about, then they’re probably legit. If people keep talking about a certain company’s product, then it’s sure to be great. People don’t go around hyping up poor quality products.
  • Know what you want before you start the search online. Being specific on your search will narrow things down, and it will be easier to find exactly what you want.
  • While you’re online looking at websites, you need to see if any red flags pop up. You need to make certain that it’s not a scam website. You don’t want to waste any of your precious time, or your hard earned money on a scam site.
  • Read things that previous customers have said about the products. This is so very important. Reading what previous customers have left as reviews allows you to know if the product is of great quality or not.


Some Great, Legal Delta 9 THC Gummies

I’ve done a little research myself. These are some great brands of D9 gummies that you can try out, or keep in mind while searching.

  • Extrax
  • Hometown Hero
  • Mr Hemp Flower
  • Exhale

There are many other great brands out there, but these are some amazing ones to start with checking out.

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